Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Third Time Will Be My Charm

Ok - so I hate to admit it, but I start so many things I never finish. They always sound like such exciting and intriguing ideas, and in the beginning they always are. But unfortunately, I never get too far past the beginning of any of them. This list, the 101 in 1001 - I tried to do it already twice before. But this time, I think I have enough perspective about the way things are and the way things work - at least in my life at this point in time (I know I'm still learning A LOT and that all of it is ever-changing) - but something tells me that this year, I can create tasks for myself that make more sense.

Also, in the hopes of not getting behind, I'm starting early. January 1st, Shmanuary 1st. I say if the mood strikes on 12/21, then get it done while you're in the mood! And I'm a true procrastinator at heart, so I need to grasp the rare occasion where "getting things done" is the main goal. And I fully intend to stay on top of it.

Upon review of my second list, I did actually do a few of those things this year, and for that I should give myself at least some credit.

Visit the grandparents in Washington.
Yes, I went to visit this past summer. Unfortunately, it was tragedy that all saw us together. My Grandma Sally passed away at the far too young age of 74. Grandma Sally, you are truly loved and missed.

Take a dance class.
Three actually. And I loved them and fully intend on taking more; even asking for a dance class card for Christmas. The place is called Your Neighborhood Dance Studio and it is in Culver City. A girlfriend from work is a dancer, so we talked each other into taking a Burlesque dance class, and we both pretty much fell in love with it. Ive been three times total, and would go more if it weren't for the $14 fee for each class :( but well worth it. Dancing is hands-down my favorite form of a great cardio workout. Not bad in terms of the stretch and strength zones as well. My new list will definitely include a task about the advancement of my dancing skills - so exciting to get back into it!

Become a member of the Chapman Alumni Association.
I did. I have a fancy ID card and whoooooole ton of junk mail they send me asking me to give back to them already. Pshhh. Don't you know I'm broke, Chapman?? Come now.

And there are a few others I did a version of (ie I did get a Santa Monica Public Library card, instead of a Los Angeles Public Library card). But I'm happy to see at least a few original ideas did stick enough for me to complete them. This last time will be different though. I will complete it, and it will BLOW YOUR MINDS. Or something like that.

Completed list up soon! :)

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